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The Value Of Self-Control

The Value Of Self-Control
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 The most important factor for success is self-discipline & self-control 

If you want one word of advice from me, forget about self-esteem, and concentrate on self-control. The value of self-control is irrefutable.

Self-control is the real deal.

I was very gung-ho on studying self-esteem for a while and then I realized it’s not such an important key.

It’s secondary in many crucial ways.

Having high self-esteem is important but it won’t do that much for you.

On the other hand, self-control measured at one point leads to much greater success later on.

If you are a parent or become a teacher or coach or whatever when

you are trying to improve some of the young people, improve their self-control, not their self-esteem.

That’s what’s going to be better for your child, your students, and athletes.

Better for them, and better for society.

It leads to plenty of good outcomes.

Benefits of having self-control:

 Encourages better grades.

 Successful in all works of life after school, resourceful, and earn higher salaries.

Lower self-control makes you more vulnerable to being unemployed.

 People with good self-control are more popular, they have more stable, lasting friendships.

 Reduces stress and enables one to feel better on a moment-to-moment basis.

 Happier, partly because they have less stress in life.

I say one of the best ways to reduce stress in life is to stop screwing up and making problems for yourself.

 People with high self-control are better adjusted, both their mental and physical health are better, with physical health, the outcome is living longer.

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People with low self-control are more prone to screwing up in that way.

They do things that they are sorry about, they act impulsively and create further difficulties for themselves.

All these things show that people with high self-control do better, are better people, enjoy life more and live longer.

Do you have self-control?

Whitney Edna Ibe

Whitney Edna Ibe

A highly motivated, skilled and creative individual. A passionate writer, editor and blogger by heart and a motivational speaker at various forums.View Author posts

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