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Self Efficacy; Believe In Your Capabilities

Self- Efficacy; Believe In Your Capabilities

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Sometimes I like things just the way they are: calm and unembellished. But not all the time.
Some days I want to unstick myself from the usual norms, and other days I want to be numb to all the changes around me.

I am not afraid to be me.

You see, fear is the root of most impairing behaviors. It’s the reason why we compromise, and we surrender to all the norms and doubt our capabilities. We laugh when we ought to cry and run when we should be walking. With self efficacy, we can focus on what matters and tackle the challenges that affect our lives with fresh perspectives.

Maybe you need to permit yourself to be where you are for a while. Allow yourself to be you. It’s okay. Increasing the belief we have in ourselves and in our abilities helps us to create healthy behavioral patterns.

Change and spontaneity are good. Yet, one of the most fundamental and essential elements of goal setting is self-efficacy.
When you feel good about yourself, you become more determined in developing a personality that allows you to achieve your goals without selling out your values.

Peel back the layers of your complexities, and you will begin to identify what social experience is suitable to your mental health.
As often as we believe in our strength and capabilities, we get to determine our motivators, how we think, act, feel, and how we go about accomplishing our goals.

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Do you need to strengthen your belief in yourself and your capabilities? Self-efficacy is the key.
Make an intentional decision to develop a strong sense of self-efficacy starting now!

Please share your thoughts on self-efficacy.

Whitney Edna Ibe

Whitney Edna Ibe

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