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The cost of living in Germany for Indian students

The cost of living in Germany for Indian students

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Germany is a well-liked destination for families and students worldwide due to its many advantages. Pursuing a master’s in Germany offers a multitude of advantages, including access to world-class education, a rich cultural experience, and numerous career opportunities. In addition to having plenty of work options, Germany also has fascinating customs and cultural features. Germany boasts one of the largest and most developed economies in the world, as well as a stable and advanced employment market. It is also regarded as one of the top nations for research, innovation, and successful professional careers. Furthermore, adding to that it’s fascinating castles, popular tourist attractions, and stunning architecture found everywhere. Aside from the lovely German cities, there are countless sites, such as museums, cultural centers, and other buildings, as well as historic castles that attract visitors from all over the world. 

However, it is crucial to learn more about the cost of living in Germany before making any decisions. This becomes a significant concern typically for students who wish to pursue their education abroad. As there is much difference between the currencies of India (INR) and Germany (EUR), this adds more concern to Indian students pursuing Industrial Engineering in Germany. Here we have mentioned the possible expenses you as a student should be prepared with in order to make a comfortable stay in the country while studying.

Living expenses in Germany for Indian students

The cost of living for Indian students in Germany is roughly 10,200–12,200 EUR per year. The location of the university has an impact on the cost of living as well. If we compare cities like Berlin and Munich to the rest of Germany, for instance, they are a little more expensive. Since most institutions are state-run, they often do not charge tuition fees in addition to having minimal living expenses. However, the enrolment and administration fees must be paid by students each semester.

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The living expenses generally include Food and drinks, health insurance, traveling, utilities and other personal expenses. The monthly cost of food ranges between EUR 150 and 250, health insurance generally goes between EUR 95 and 115 per month, traveling costs lie between EUR 100 and 150 every month, utilities like internet, mobile, electricity and TV, etc, may cost between EUR 150 and 300 while personal expenses may range EUR 50 and 200 depending on the chosen lifestyle. 

Accommodation in Germany for Indian students

For international students, housing is the most expensive component of living in Germany. Depending on the kind of housing you choose and the area you choose to live in, your costs as a student change. The cost of living in Munich and Stuttgart is the highest in Germany. On the other side, housing in Dortmund can be relatively affordable.

The average monthly cost of rental housing in Germany is:

German City Average Rent in Germany
Bochum € 400
Leipzig € 500
Dresden € 500
Aachen € 535
Augsburg € 613.57
Mainz € 650
Bonn € 650
Berlin € 790
Stuttgart € 850
Munich €1000- €1200
Cologne €700- €800
Hamburg €800 – €868
Frankfurt €860 – €870

German university tuition and study costs

Public universities: Germany is certain that education should not be commercialized, so studying at public universities is completely free. By offering free basic and higher education, the German government hopes to ensure equal educational opportunities for all residents while also advancing the nation’s trade and economy. The country is quite desirable as a study destination because academic programs are tuition-free, even for international students. Other than that, international student immigration procedures are not too complicated. The cost of programs in the best university in Germany for masters ranges between 12,000 (147 euros) and 130,000 (1.597 euros) per year.

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Private Universities: Both domestic and foreign students must pay tuition at private universities. Private university programmes typically cost between 1,21,000 (€1,486.99) and 28,30,000 (€34,778 on average.

Finance possibilities (Lowering the expenses)

Once you are aware of how much it will cost to attend school in Germany, you can begin planning how to pay for your education. To reduce the financial burden there are numerous part time jobs in Germany for Indian students as per German laws to work there. Having a part-time job can help you stretch your budget, it’s quite difficult to cover all of your expenses this way. So, submitting an application for a scholarship is a wise move. There are various opportunities available for scholarship in Germany for Indian students which, provide financial support to students to pursue their academic goals in a diverse and vibrant international environment. Many organizations, including the DAAD, foundations connected to political parties, and groups connected to the business world provide assistance to international students.

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