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An editing guide that will teach you how to polish your essays

An editing guide that will teach you how to polish your essays
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As a writer, we know that you don’t want your readers to lose interest and skip your content due to typos and grammatical errors. But the question is, how do we avoid these mistakes? The best step to ensure that your audience gets a smooth reading experience is to make editing your first priority. The process of editing is often overlooked and considered an easy task, but it is one of the most significant steps of the writing process. It works as the last chance for the essay writer to find any errors in the essay and edit them before hitting the submit or publish button.

Writing attractive introductions, crafting detailed body paragraphs, and concluding the text is essential, but reviewing and enhancing the whole content can take it to the next level. In this guide, we have compiled the process that you can follow to improve and edit your content like an expert. So let’s read on!

The ultimate guide on learning the process of editing to make your content stand out

Take a short break before starting the reviewing process 

The first step you have to follow before starting the reviewing process is taking a short break. We know that time management is vital, and finishing and editing an essay in one sitting sounds tempting, but it can greatly affect the quality of your content. Even if you are a writer, maintaining focus on a single topic for a long time is nearly impossible for any individual.

The right approach to start your reviewing process with a fresh mind is by leaving your work desk for a short time before starting the editing process. This gives you a chance to forget about the context of the essay and allows you to think as a reader. It also helps in spotting errors much more efficiently.

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Experiment with new formats to change your document visually 

When you look at the same thing for a long time, it starts to lose its shape and kind of gets blurred. This is faced by writers when they try to edit the document from a bright screen. Looking at the same file in the same context and format can leave you with a blank mind. Expert editors recommend changing the size and font of the document to transform it visually. Making these little changes can build a fresh perspective and helps in noticing the mistakes and errors more easily. You can also try changing the color and style of the text.

Print the paper to make the reviewing process quicker and easier 

If you are working on a long piece of text, then printing out and editing on a hard copy is always the most suitable way. When reviewing on the bright screen on your laptop, your eyes can get tired, and your mind will feel drained. Physically holding the essay and reviewing it can also allow you to find formatting and structure mistakes. You will be amazed to see that you can detect way more mistakes on a hard copy in just one read than on a laptop screen. It is easier to detect spelling, punctuation, and other small errors in print form.

Use a highlighter to mark the mistakes 

Whether it’s a new or an old-fashioned editing method, it can still greatly contribute to crafting top-quality content. Old-school writers suggest using highlighters to proof-check and review every sentence individually. During the editing process, finding the mistake and making the changes at the same time can cause you to lose your focus. The right way is to highlight the mistakes and work on them later. You can also use various colors to mark different types of errors. Whether it’s formatting, grammar mistakes, sentence structure problems, or others, this step can help you precisely modify the content.

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Start the reviewing process from the structure of your content 

When you begin the editing process, an essential step is to start with the structure of the essay. Check the arguments you have included and the points you have made to take your essay to a logical conclusion. Ensure that the content is in proper sensible order. People often think that editing only includes changing mistakes like punctuation, spelling, and others, but they are wrong. When the structure is right, and the content is in proper flow, spotting errors would be easier for the editor. However, if you are editing a thesis paper or dissertation, then you might need a high level of expertise as they have complex structures. You can hire a professional essay editing service in the UAE to assist you in the process. 

Read the content backwards to give better attention 

It might be weird to hear but reading the text backward is an essential step in the rechecking process. It helps in giving attention and focus on every single word. Start by reading the last word of your content and keep going until you reach the first word. While you are following this technique, you won’t miss any spelling error and grammatical mistakes. Moreover, it will also be beneficial in maintaining the flow of the sentences and improving readability. Reading backward is a great technique used by pro editors in upgrading and refining their content.

Take help from online tools to speed up the process 

Reviewing and making changes in any document can be a time-consuming process. With deadlines, it can be hard to manage. In such cases, seeking help from online tools can be perfect. Now, we have numerous options when it comes to digital editing software. Applications like Google Docs and Microsoft can detect errors with their advanced built-in editing tools.

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Let’s conclude the guide

Proofreading and editing can be a challenging task for any individual trying to do it on his own. Following the steps mentioned in the guide above, it can become simpler and quicker for you to craft an error-free document. We hope after reading this blog, you can upgrade your editing skills.

By following steps such as taking short breaks between writing and editing, reading your work backward, and noting down your mistakes, you can enhance the quality of your work and increase your chances of building loyal readers.

So, take the time to showcase your exceptional editing skills with a fresh mind. You will always end up with a polished and exceptional final product. 

Dawoud Sheikh

Dawoud Sheikh

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