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How to write an engaging book review in 2023

How to write an engaging book review in 2023

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Content writing has become an earning skill in today’s age. You can make a decent living with this skill. And you don’t have to be a book writer to earn a fortune.

Today writers are making a living by writing book reviews on blogs and other sites. In addition to making a living, writing book reviews can also help you learn book-writing skills. Thus, you need to know how to write a good book review.

Hence, to help you write a good book review, we have mentioned some essential tips in this article. So, continue reading this ghost writers UK post to improve your book review writing skills.

Tips for writing an engaging book review in 2023

Have you ever picked a book without reading its reviews? You choose a book either by reading its reviews, or if someone recommends it to you.

Usually, people go through reviews of a book before purchasing it. So book review is an effective way to promote a book.

Here are some tips to help you write an engaging book review.

1. Write a short and catchy description of the book

First, tell your audience what the book is about. Write a short and catchy description of the book. However, don’t reveal any twist from the plot.

You can mention the author’s name. And you can write a few sentences to introduce the author. And if the book is part of any novel series, you must mention it. You can also guide the readers in the correct order of the novel series.

Make sure to use catchy and concise words in the description.

2. Write it in your own style

And the second tip is to write a book review in your style.

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Remember, book reviews are your personal thoughts and ideas. And you write what you feel and think about a book. So don’t be formal while writing your book review. This way, you can build a connection with your readers and write a more engaging review.

Thus, when you write a book review, put your thoughts and feelings into words.

3. Share your story

Another way to make your book review engaging is to share your story.

Tell your audience why you are writing this review. And similarly, let your audience know how did you end up reading this book. Did you decide to read this book after seeing the reviews? Or one of your friends recommended this book to you.

You can also mention how reading this book has helped you in your life. It is an essential point to include, especially if you’re writing a review of a self-help book.

So this is a great way to form an emotional connection with your audience. Many readers can relate to your story. Thus, share your story while writing your book review.

4. Give the plot summary

And now, it’s time to write the essential part of your book review.

Writing the plot summary is one of the essential steps in writing a book review. Also, it is one of the trickiest parts. The reason is many people sometimes write the whole story of the book as a summary. And they add everything from the beginning till the end.

A good plot summary should explain the crux of the plot. It shouldn’t include any twist, ending, or climax of the story. A reader wouldn’t appreciate any spoiler in a book review.

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Thus, it is essential to know what to include and what to exclude in the plot summary. Also, make sure the summary is short and informative.

5. Discuss the characters

Do you know why book readers still remember fictional characters like Robert Langdon, Jon Snow, Sherlock, and other famous characters?

Readers tend to remember memorable characters for a long time. And sometimes, characters make a novel successful even if it doesn’t have a good plot.

Thus, characters are an essential element of any fiction book. So discuss fictional characters in your book review.

Tell your audience what you like about them and why. Share the reasons that made you fall in love with your favorite character. Also, share the relationships between the characters. This way, the readers can connect the book story through the characters.

So when you write your book review, try to discuss the essential characters in detail.

6. Give your unique opinion

So it is essential to write the plot summary and discuss the characters. But do you know what readers look for in a book review?

Usually, readers read a book review for a praise and critique section. It is one of the most important parts of a book review. So must pay specific attention to this section.

You have to write in detail what you like about this book. And how the author builds the plot of the book. However, writing a book review is not always about right the good things. You can also mention the flaws of the book. If you don’t like any book element, you can write about that.

Remember, writing a book review is about sharing your honest opinions to help the audience to make up their minds about a book. So don’t miss any essential positive or negative points about a book in your review.

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7. Add quotations from the books

In addition to characters, quotations are also an essential element of a book. Many readers pick up a book by reading some of the quotations from that book. So quotations can grab readers’ attention, especially if they are from non-fiction books.

Thus, add a few good quotations from the book when you write a review of that book. It will help your audience form a narrative about the book.

8. Rate the book

Many readers also consider the ratings of a book before picking it up. So you can also rate the book after writing the book review.

If you are writing for review sites, you can use their rating system to give your rating. And if you’re writing the review in your blog, you can use your own rating system. However, make sure to explain to the audience what the ratings mean.

9. Include your recommendation

And lastly, end your book review with a conclusion. It is also an essential part of book review writing.

The readers look for your final thoughts in the section. And the reason is they want to know what you recommend to the audience.

So make sure to add a conclusion.

Final thoughts

Writing book reviews can help you improve your book-writing skills. Also, you can review books in your blogs, and it can become your source of living. So when you write a book review, make sure you write correctly.

In this post, we shared some helpful tips for writing an engaging book review. We hope you find them helpful.

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