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Are You Asking The Right, Canon Questions In Your Life?

Are You Asking The Right, Canon Questions In Your Life

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Are you asking yourself the right question and telling yourself the truth?

Very often in life, we don’t find the correct answer when we are faced with challenges because we don’t ask ourselves the #rightquestions. Or perhaps we don’t ask any questions at all. 

”How often do you ask canon questions, or do you just ask anything”?

Growing up, I was told by my parents, that I was quite an intrusive child. According to my folks, I ask questions when I don’t understand anything. I do believe that as an infant, I asked both the wrong and right questions too. That’s permissible as a child but not as an adult.

“Do you still ask questions like a child”?

As I become older, I discovered that it isn’t about asking questions it is about asking the right questions. 

Are you asking the kinds of questions that require answers?- Many of us ask questions that don’t need answers at all. Some of us ask questions that move us in the wrong direction in life. 

Are you asking questions the kinds of questions that would shift not only your viewpoint but also that of the person you are asking? 

Do you ask questions that would lead you to the answers even if the problem is confounded?

You can learn anything worth learning when you ask the right thought-provoking questions.

Action questions get us moving when the going gets tough. Start asking the right questions to get the answers that solve problems and not complicate them starting now!

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