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Be Honest About Your Fears- Fuel Your Passion

Be Honest About Your Fears- Fuel Your Passion

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Be honest about your fears and go for what you want.
Clarity over a problem brings about the solution. It’s the only way to get authentic answers that will guide us on the right path designed for each of us.

Fears create self-awareness in us only if we keep an open mind. It helps us recognize the details we have control over and the ones, we do not have control over. To learn how to let go, we need to get clarity on why we are holding on.

Often the problem that we feel needs to be addressed in a moment isn’t about the big picture. We are not always honest about our fears. Yet, it’s easy for us to require sincerity from other people.

Facing the giants in our lives “fears” requires us telling ourselves the truth that we are scared. And that’s okay.

“Fuel your passion, not your fears.”

I didn’t always know how to face my fears, especially when it comes to public speaking. I would give all kinds of excuses not to accept any speaking engagement.

With time and practice, I stopped feeling sick with fear before every public appearance. I identified speakers who inspired me and began to study how they developed their presence on stage.

I stuck my head out, faced my stage frights, developed my skills, and fueled my passion.

Some of us push our fears away because we are afraid of moving forward. We celebrate our dreads because of issues with our own identities.

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“What are you afraid of that’s limiting your potentials”?

We all need an infusion of courage to overcome our fears. Communicate honestly what your fears are in ways that energize you, and you would begin to feel tremendous transformation take place.

We can all grow into the authorities we are meant to be. Face your fears. Take small but daily actions to get rid of your fears. Speak to a life coach today!

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