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Diabetes and the old: Measures to control

Diabetes and the old: Measures to control
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When your blood glucose also called blood sugar, is too high, it results in diabetes. The middle-aged and older adults are according to recent research at the highest risk of developing this disease. According to a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2012, it was found that as at 2012, adults aged 45 – 64 were the most age group with diabetes.

Diabetes is no doubt a lifelong condition and thus requires careful control – this control could include, exercising, medication, meal plan, among others. In this article, we will be taking a look at some top strategies for controlling diabetes in older people. This is necessary as it will help them live long and healthy.

The following are 5 strategies for controlling diabetes in old people:

1. Stick to medication and vaccines

Sticking to medication is one great and phenomenal way of managing diabetes. Do not miss out on taking any of your diabetes medication as this is the major way your glucose level is regulated due to the presence of diabetes. By all means, try to devise means to always be reminded about taking your medication at the right time. Setting reminders on your phone or alarm clock is one you can use to keep yourself reminded of your medication.

Also, they are vaccines for diabetes patients; you should always make yourself available to be vaccinated. They are flu and pneumonia vaccines for older people with diabetes, old people with diabetes are at risk for complications from flu and as such the vaccines play a major role in the aspect of prevention.

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2. Eat healthily

All people with diabetes, especially the old who are almost feeble should eat a healthy diet and this diet should be low in sugar and saturated fats. Possibly, you should have a customized healthy meal plan. The meal plan can be prepared by a dietician nutritionist, preferably, one who is registered and of course, a diabetes educator. Have a look at this dieting plan for beginners or the Mediterranean diet, which is considered as one of the healthy diets in the world.

Please note that your meal is very important as it has the propensity to aggravate the effect of diabetes, so eating healthy and eating the right meal is one best means to control diabetes.

3. Be active

You are old, no doubt and seem frail hence you feel you no longer need exercise since your system is weak? No, you’d be doing yourself harm if you’re thinking in this direction as one with diabetes. You need to stay active by engaging in some exercises. Try to get yourself involved in aerobic exercises, such as swimming, walking, and perhaps bicycling. These exercises help in controlling your glucose level, manage your weight and stay strong. According to the American Diabetes Association, exercising at least 30 minutes each day and at least 5 days a week is recommended.

Additionally, strength training such as free weight, yoga, or resistance band should be done at least 2 times per week. This helps build muscles and controls glucose levels. Also, reach out to your physician to know the exercises that are right for you.

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4. Check your glucose level regularly

Ascertaining the state of your glucose level at all times will help you know when and the right medication to use at a given period. Old people with diabetes are at higher risk of low blood sugar when taking medication, making it extremely important for a regular glucose checkup. Talk to your physician to tell you when and how to check your glucose level.

5. Educate yourself

This is one general strategy for controlling diabetes; it is applicable to both the old and middle-aged diabetes sufferers.  People who are first diagnosed with diabetes tend to panic and most times rather forget to find ways to control diabetes. If you’re in this situation, you don’t have to fear or panic much because there are many diseases that are more chronic than diabetes, such as COPD, but with education and medication, patients have been able to control it. All you need do is to find ways to learn more about diabetes and how to control it.

You’re sure, not alone on it, a lot of people out there have been living with the disease, so find ways to educate yourself about diabetes instead of wallowing in fear which can lead to premature death. The internet is a good means of educating yourself about diabetes; also attend classes held about diabetes in locales within your reach.


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