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EBooks vs print books: Which is better for your brain and the environment

EBooks vs print books: This is better for your brain and the environment
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Like there is a constant war between iOS and Android users in the world of operating systems, the book world seems to have that same heated debate among the readers. That debate is about the best format for a book: eBook or print books.

Some people believe that eBooks are a convenient and environmentally friendly way of reading books. While on the other hand, many readers share that they are more comfortable in reading from the physical version of the books called print books.

Many famous book writers also jumped into the discussion and shared their personal thoughts. They like carrying print books. The experience it gives. However, they are also more likely to switch to eBook formats due to the cost benefit analysis.

We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of eBooks and print books here. We would help you decide which one is better for you and the environment. So, let’s start with the eBook.

Advantages of eBooks


One primary benefit that people rave on is the convenience. There is no doubt that eBooks are super easy to carry. On one hand, print books are difficult to carry, ebooks come with ease. Not just one but you can carry your whole library wherever you go. You can easily adjust the font size, type and background color according to your preferences. This is a very useful feature for people with eyesight issues.

Moreover, ebooks are often cheaper as compared to a print book. You don’t need to visit a bookstore now. You can simply go to any online store to purchase your favorite book. No more waiting in lines for your book. It’s available for you in just a few simple clicks. You can easily download and use them instantly as you feel. Even the payment options are there to make your purchase experience the best.

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Environmental friendly

As we move to a more digital age with exceptional technologies, people have become more open towards the discussion of the health of the environment. One advantage of eBook is that they are environmentally friendly. Ebooks are just the digital version of the print books and are more eco-friendly due to the eradication of the wasting paper.

The production of print books requires cutting down trees because that’s what paper is made from. This contributes to deforestation and the logistics and transportation of the books contributes to carbon emission.

This clearly tells us how print books can affect our environment badly. The consequences aren’t clear now but results can be drastic in the long term. eBooks can be downloaded instantly, and no physical resources are required for their production.

Disadvantages of eBooks

Eye strain

One of the primary disadvantages of eBooks is that they can be difficult to read for long periods of time. The blue light emitted by electronic devices can disrupt sleep patterns and cause eye strain and headaches. The lack of physical pages can make it difficult to navigate through a book, and some readers find that they have trouble retaining information when reading eBooks.

Dependency on gadgets

EBooks are dependent on electronic devices. If your device runs out of battery or malfunctions, you won’t be able to read your eBook. Moreover, eBooks can be lost if they are not properly backed up, which can be frustrating if you have invested time and money into building your library.

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Advantages of print books

Reading experience

Bibliophiles know the real book reading experience lies in the print book. It offers a great reading experience. The feeling of turning pages or the smell of a new book elevates your sensory experience. It can give you an enjoyable and fun feeling while reading.

Print books can be given as gifts too. People who love to read want to read the print book. You can’t give an eBook to a book lover. It’s still a new concept. Many people can’t even focus on reading and are easily distracted when reading eBook. This problem is solved by printing books. You can add bookmarks and start from where you left.

Better understanding

Print books are better for the brain. A study conducted by the University of Norway found that readers who read on a Kindle had lower reading comprehension than those who read a printed book. This is because our brains are better at processing information in a physical form which is provided by print books.

Disadvantages of print books


Print books and their environmental impact is enormous.  As mentioned earlier, the production of print books requires cutting down trees and transportation contributes to carbon emissions. When we take the environment in consideration, we have an ebook as a clear winner with no harmful effects on the environment. Whereas print books involve wastage of paper.

High cost

Print books are usually more expensive than an eBook. The reason is the production of the book. Print books need to bear the printing cost. That adds up to a lot sometimes and you feel a drastic difference in the prices. Not only that, but it consumes a lot of space. If you’re someone who loves to read, you must have a lot of books too. You know how difficult it is to keep them. After some time, you have to lose a few books to make more space for the new books.

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Wrap up

Both eBooks and print books have their advantages and disadvantages. EBooks are more convenient and environmentally friendly, but they can be difficult to read for long periods of time. Also consider their dependency on electronic devices.

Print books offer a more immersive reading experience and are better for the brain, but they are more expensive and have a greater environmental impact.

Ultimately, the decision between eBooks and print books comes down to personal preference and individual circumstances. You can choose either of them depending on your needs and preferences.

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Jacob Adam

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