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Top 10 Computer Assisted Translation tools for professional translators

Top 10 Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools for professional translators

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To a certain extent, the statement “Every translator is a traitor” may have some semblance of truth as the translated version of a book may not represent the exact content in the original text. However, translation is very important as it bridges linguistic gaps across cultures. It universalizes and unifies. It makes available to people what could have been beyond their reach due to linguistic barriers.

As the need to make knowledge more accessible to wider audience becomes highly essential, translation field becomes one of the most sought after. Translators are in high demand. Professional translators are a hot cake.

If you are a professional translator or an aspiring one, there are some useful software applications that can facilitate your work. They are called Computer Assisted Translation tools. Find out about some of them in this piece:

SDL Trados

SDL Trados is one of the most popular translation software suites for language experts, linguistic service specialists, translators, and corporate companies.  This platform has three special service sections namely ‘Individual Translator’, ‘Language Service Provider’, and ‘Corporate Department’. SDL Trados Studio application provides the main platform for translation services. It is one of the best CAT tools for faster and effective translation services.

SDL also features ‘SDL MultiTerm’ for editing and managing terms, SDL Language Cloud, and SDL Appstore which offers various useful apps for wide ranges of translation services.

This CAT tool is available on


WordFast has various translation software packages for translation experts, viz.; Wordfast Anywhere (WFA), Wordfast Classic (WFC), Wordfast Pro 3 (WFP3), Wordfast Pro 5 (WFP5), and Wordfast Server (WFS). WordFast is available on

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Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is another prominent CAT tool. It is customizable and comes with its own program interface. It facilitates database-supported translation. It also has different packages such as Deja Vu X3 Professional, Deja Vu X3 Workgroup, and TEAMserver. Know more about Déjà Vu and download the software on


OmegaT is a free translation application for professional translators. It is an open-software and can be customized to suit individuals’ preferences. It is available on

SDL Passolo

SDL Passolo translation software is specially designed for translation of user interfaces. Check it out on

Across Translator

Across Translator software is equally a useful translation software for language experts and freelance translators.  Its benefits include; full-fledged translation environment, easy accessibility, professional networking (translators and clients), and so on. Across Translator is available on


This computer-assisted translation tool is easy to install/use, has free email support, client management, etc. It is available on


Lingotek provides translation services using cloud server technology. It provides translation management software for various translation projects. Its other services include product documentation and language related services for web content. It is available on


Linguee translation tool has some interesting features: It has both dictionary and web crawler (search engine) which enables translators/interpreters to search for bilingual words and expressions and get their general and contextual meanings; it additionally works together with Google Images to help translators and other general users.  Visit to access this tool.


Zanata is a web-based translation tool for interpreters, content creators, and developers to manage localization projects. It enables coordinated efforts, chats space for constant correspondences among the users, suggests best interpretation recommendations, and so forth. This CAT device is accessible on

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Translators Café

This is not a CAT tool per se. It is, kind of, a social media platform/forum for professional and upcoming linguists and translators. Registration is free for users. Members can ask questions and get relevant answers from professional members. Freelance members can also bid and acquire jobs via this forum. The platform is available on

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